Wrapping Up the 2024 Legislative Session

The Washington State Legislature adjourned on March 7th, 2024. At the end of this short session, it’s our job to help you understand what passed and what didn’t this legislative session. Wins The legislature included $60 million in the final operating budget to help fill a gap in funding for housing and shelter across the state. This is a huge improvement from the Senate’s original budget, which only included $20 million, and will go a long way towards making sure shelter and housing providers can keep their doors open this year. The final capital budget also includes $127.5 million for the Housing Trust Fund to build affordable housing, which will be added to the record-high $400 million investment in affordable housing the legislature made last year in the State’s 2-year budget. We want to extend our thanks to House budget leaders Representatives Macri and Ormsby for their hard work on this issue, and to the Housing Alliance for leading a strong campaign. The legislature also passed the child support pass-through (HB 1652, Taylor). If signed by the governor, this bill will make sure that families receiving TANF benefits receive their full child support payments. Currently, the State takes a cut of child support payments before passing it on to families who receive TANF. We tip our hats to our friends at Poverty Action who have been pushing this important policy change for years, and to Representatives Taylor, Couture, and Rule for sponsoring this important bill. Other important bills that passed the legislature include: Priority Bills that Did Not Pass

The Coalition’s State Legislative Priorities

The State Legislative Session has begun! Check back here for an updated list of our top legislative priorities. Last updated 3/1/24 at 12:30 PM. Bills That are Still “Alive” Fund affordable housing & shelter (HB 2276, SB 6191, $70 million budget request to backfill the document recording fee shortfall) HB 2276 and SB 6191 would fund more affordable housing through the Housing Trust Fund by increasing taxes on the sale of real estate over approx. $3 million, and decreasing taxes on the sale of less valuable real estate. Because these bills are “necessary to implement the budget”, they are not subject to legislative cutoff dates. In addition, we need approx. $70 MILLION added to the budget to prevent cuts to homelessness shelter and services. This is due to a shortfall in Document Recording Fees collected in recent years. We can’t afford to lose any capacity in these vital services. Address high insurance costs for housing providers (HB 2329) – PASSED THE LEGISLATURE Organizations that provide housing for people with low or no income face astronomical costs to insure their buildings, and these costs are quickly going up each year. HB 2329 would commission a study to learn why costs are increasing so dramatically, and would make recommendations to the legislature to help fix the problem. The legislature often commissions studies as an early step towards fixing a problem, and this is a step in the right direction. Reinstate the child support pass-through (HB 1652) – PASSED THE LEGISLATURE This bill would ensure that low-income families get their whole child support payment. Currently, the State takes a chunk of child support payments before passing the payment on to low-income families receiving TANF benefits. Help people keep TANF benefits when they need them (HB 2007) Note: this bill has been amended multiple …

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