April 20th, 2023 General Membership Meeting

Welcome Back, Members!

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

I hope you’re ready for another spirited General Membership Meeting! It may be unseasonably cold outside, but we’ll keep you warm with all the advocacy news and community networking you can handle! This month, we have a well-rounded blend of special guest presentations from KC Councilmember Girmay Zahilay and Health Care for the Homeless, resource sharing from our friends at Services Tenant Law Center, and advocacy updates from our own Sara and Alison.

We’ll start off the meeting with an introduction from Ellie Navidson, the new Clinical Quality Lead at King County Health Care for the Homeless Network. They will share updates from the Network, including a new IN-PERSON Harm Reduction Training that happens every month!

Next, we’ll hear from some of our policy experts on important policy and budget advocacy work! We had a real win with the passage of HB 1260, which would prevent repayment of ABD benefits by low-income, disabled beneficiaries. Staff from the King County HEN program will share the testimony she delivered to lawmakers in the Senate Ways and Means committee that helped win this legislative victory!

Sara Robbins and Alison Eisinger will share state and local updates, including news on the renewal of a vital human services funding source, the Veterans, Seniors, and Human Services Levy (VSHSL).

We will also hear from King County Councilmember Girmay Zahily to discuss the importance of the Crisis Care Center Levy!

Last but certainly not least, we’ll hear from Michelle Jones and Kacey Burton from the Tenant Law Center at Catholic Community Services. They’ll be delivering an overview of a legal process called an  Order of Limited Dissemination, which can be used to prevent landlords and property managers from seeing past eviction histories. They’ll also be sharing information about the new King County Tenant Resource Line, accessible at 206-580-0762 or 1-855-485-8767. 

Don’t forget to vote! Submit your Ballot by 4/25

The final day to vote on Prop 1 is Tuesday, April 25th! This Special Election allows King County voters to approve the Crisis Care Center Levy! This historic measure will establish five crisis care centers, including a center dedicated to serving youth, restore 100 residential treatment beds, and make much needed workforce investments for those working in the behavioral health field. 

The Coalition is proud to endorse this levy and we encourage you to vote YES on KC Prop 1. 

Read more about why you should vote YES on King County Prop 1 at this link!

Haven’t gotten your ballot? Check your voter registration detail on the King County Elections website.

Need a new ballot? You can print a new ballot by visiting this website or calling King County Elections at 206-296-8683.

The deadline to register to vote by mail or online is Monday, April 17th – registration must be received by 11:50pm.

Missed that deadline? You can still register to vote in person until Election Day, April 25th at the Vote Center in Renton.

Ready to cast your ballot? You can mail your ballot so it is postmarked by 5pm on 4/25 OR drop in a Ballot Drop Box until 8pm on 4/25.

Get more tips on who can vote and how on our blog.

Still need to register? RSVP at this link!