April 30 Coalition Supplemental Membership Meeting

Because of rapid on-the-ground changes and new information related to COVID-19, we added a short special meeting to bridge the long weeks between our information-packed April 16 membership meeting (see notes here) and our next regular membership meeting on Thursday, May 21. This meeting is intended for front line and program staff in homeless services and housing organizations. Agenda for meeting 9:00 – Welcome and Introduction Holding respectful silence for residents and guests who have lost their lives during the pandemic, and others who have died. Information about how to help people access stimulus payments (see more here). Nicole Palczewski, Annual Fund Manager, DESC Update on public benefits changes (see more here) Eric Tayag, Social Service Training Specialist, DSHS Grete Shultz, Benefits Attorney, Solid Ground CEA Policy Change Update Homeless Service Change Tracker: http://homelessinfo.org/resource/covid/ Update on efforts to expand hygiene access for those living unsheltered Shared learning: We hope this conversation will move beyond what programmatic changes are happening to cover what program staff are learning as you do your work in the midst of major changes. What is one thing you have learned during the coronavirus outbreak as you engage with people to offer outreach, hygiene, or health services; operate shelter or manage housing under new conditions, or balance your work with suddenly homeschooling?   What is your favorite way to talk about social distancing with people you serve? Experiences from the front lines: Reflections on Service Changes – staff from DESC, Catholic Community Services, Mary’s Place Resources for taking care of ourselves and taking care of each other What are you doing to take care of yourself, keep perspective, or connect with people and community outside of work? The Coalition has been compiling a variety of resources to support our members in caring for ourselves and others. Taking care …

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April 16, 2020 Coalition Membership Meeting

Thank you for joining our meeting!Sign up for Coalition emails to make sure you receive updates and notice of upcoming meetings. Agenda for Thursday, April 16 meeting 9:00 – Introduction and welcome Poetry reading by Anitra Freeman Coalition Solidarity Fund Solidarity Fund – Rapid Response to COVID-19 pandemic Coalition on Homelessness COVID-19 Homeless Service Change Tracker View tracker here: http://homelessinfo.org/resource/covid/ Email notices@homelessinfo.org with program updates Food Assistance Update Christina Wong, Government Relations Director, Northwest Harvest Seattle City Councilmember Gonzalez’s Bills Vy Nguyen, Legislative Aide to Seattle City Councilmember Lorena González CB 119761 will create another defense to eviction due to nonpayment over the next six months (such as temporary loss of income, etc.) CB 119762 will require landlords to accept payment plans for back rent Statewide Eviction Moratorium Extension Xochitl Maykovich, Political Director, Washington Community Action Network Updates to the temporary moratorium on evictions Public Benefits: COVID-19 Related Changes to State Public Assistance Programs Eric Tayag, Social Service Training Specialist, DSHS Hannah Rosenberger, Benefits Attorney, Solid Ground Grete Shultz, Benefits Attorney, Solid Ground COVID-19 Public Health Information Dr. Julie Dombrowski, Deputy Director, Public Health – Seattle & King County HIV/STD Program Coalition Staff Updates Advocacy work on hygiene stations Census 2020 Veterans Assistance Programs HOLD Thursday April 30, 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. (sign up for Coalition emails for notice of upcoming meetings) Next Monthly Membership Meeting: Thursday, May 21, 9:00 a.m. via Zoom (Please register for call). Resources from the meeting Coalition Select Committee on Homelessness Strategies and Investments, 4/8/2020 Public Benefits COVID-19 Related Changes Temporary Emergency COVID-19 Rule Changes on Public Benefits, presentation from Eric Tayag, DSHS One-page Washington State Public Benefits COVID-19 Updates, Solid Ground Additional Resources Northwest Harvest COVID-19 response page, with FAQ on food distribution changes Live map where you can find what food banks or meal programs are …

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March 19, 2020 Coalition Membership Meeting Zoom Call – Agenda, Zoom tips, Resources

Thank you to all who joined our meeting – we had over 100 folks participate. Sign up for Coalition emails to make sure you receive updates and notice of upcoming meetings. Highlights of resources shared on the call are below. Agenda from Thursday, March 19 meeting 9:00 – Introduction to meeting, zoom call tips, welcome from Coalition, Grounding exercise 9:15 – 10:25- COVID-19 for Homeless Service Providers Jody Rauch, Clinical Quality Lead, Health Care for the Homeless Network Marta Lema, Homelessness Response Coordinator, Public Health Seattle-King County Environmental Health Services Division Leo Flor, Director of King County Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) Email covidhomelessnessresponse@kingcounty.gov to get on mailing list, get information about calls, share service changes, stay in touch. 10:25 – 10: 35 – Legislative Session Wrap-Up part 1 Representative Nicole Macri, Legislative District 43 10:35 – 10:50 – COVID-19 State policy changes (just a couple) Xochitl Maykovich, Political Director at Washington Community Action Network Eviction Moratoria in Seattle / King County and Washington State Marcy Bowers, Director, Statewide Poverty Action Network Changes to WorkFirst compliance guidelines during the pandemic ABAWD waiver, possible changes to EBT reporting requirements COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies on DSHS website 10:50 – 11:10 – 2020 Legislative Session Debrief Sarah Brady, Policy & Advocacy Manager, Child Care Resources Michele Thomas, Director of Policy & Advocacy, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance 11:10 – Census 2020 Update Stay tuned for further communications Partners on the phone: Maya Manus, Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle Debbie Carlson, LGBTQ Allyship/Queer the Census Coalition Next Monthly Membership Meeting: Thursday, April 16, 9:00 a.m. via Zoom (Please register for call). Resources from the meeting we’ll highlight (more to be added after the meeting) COVID-19 related Email covidhomelessnessresponse@kingcounty.gov to get on mailing list, get information about calls, share service changes, stay in touch. …

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2019 April 18 Membership Meeting Summary and CEA conversation materials

Thank you to sixty-three people who joined us on April 18 for our lively meeting, including a walk through the Coordinated Entry For All process and the opportunity to give feedback on what is and isn’t working about Interim Dynamic Prioritization. Coalition staff were pleased to share news that we are hiring for our new Administrative Coordinator position, and invite people to participate in Project Cool (for information about getting backpacks for students who are experiencing homelessness, email Hillary). We sent Hallie, our Member Services Coordinator, off to her new job in Olympia with hearty thanks and well wishes. And, you got LOUD for Housing by contacting your lawmakers in Olympia asking them to #BudgetForHousing! We know that about 40 people used the email action alert during the meeting, and others made calls – thank you! Materials/Handouts from meeting: April 18 Meeting Agenda Coordinated Entry Deep Dive handout from Joanna (including CEA experience flow, CEA Priority Pool workflow, definitions, and prioritization formula). Prints best on 8.5 x 14 paper. Mobility Policy Handout also available online here. Mobility Request Form also available online here. Africatown International Diversion Fund Information. More diversion information available on All Home’s website and Africatown International’s website. CEA April Newsletter Coordinated Entry for All (CEA) Deep Dive Joanna Bomba-Grebb from Coordinated Entry For All prepared a chart of how the CEA process, from assessment to housing, currently works. Thanks to staff from member agencies, including Solid Ground and DESC, for attending the meeting to share their perspectives about how each piece of the process actually works day to day on the ground. Our discussion on the process and continuous improvement was still continuing when the meeting ended at 11, so we decided that we will set aside some time at our Thursday, June 20 Membership meeting (9 …

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Recap: General Meeting and Street Drugs 101 Case Manager Training – June 18,2015

What a meeting!  Among the friendly faces were representatives from SHARE, YWCA, Plymouth Housing Group, Housing Development Consortium, Child Care Resources, Compass Housing Alliance, Housing Justice Project, Hopelink, REACH/Evergreen Treatment Services, North Helpline, Catholic Community Services, Recovery Cafe, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, Jewish Family Services, Aridell Mitchell Home (Goodwill Development Association), Washington Family Counseling Service, ROOTS, YouthCare, El Centro de la Raza, Multi-Service Center, Year Up, and 2-1-1. Following the General Meeting, representatives from even more organizations and community members joined us for our Street Drugs 101 + Naloxone + Related Laws training. Both were informative meetings – Here’s a brief recap . . .  [Psssst! Don’t miss out in the future — add our General Meeting dates to your calendar.] June 18, 2015 General Membership Meeting Report-back Smoking Ban update – On Thursday, May 28, the Board of Park Commissioners voted unanimously (8-0) to pass a smoking ban in Seattle Parks. This ban will take effect 30 days after the vote, likely beginning in July. While this is still a disappointing outcome, it’s important to remember the impact of our collective action. By speaking up with many community members and organizations, we were able to influence the removal of the $27 citation, ensure a “Right to Dispute” be made available, and see to it that there is oversight of enforcement. An emphasis of education is also a feature of this policy. Read the Seattle Parks and Recreation’s release about the new smoking ban.  Now, we all have continued work to do to ensure that what is “in writing” is put into action, and that whatever plays out is brought to light. This means we need you, your colleagues, your friends and family, and, certainly, the people you serve who are (likely) most impacted by this policy to keep us informed about how the implementation and enactment of …

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Join us as we dig into the Seattle Housing Authority’s new Stepping Forward proposal

Many people have contacted us about the Seattle Housing Authority’s (SHA) new Stepping Forward proposal, which involves changing the rent structure for SHA properties and voucher programs for tenants who are not elderly or disabled: rents would no longer be tied to the household’s income. There is important context for this proposal, and SHA has been a key partner in prioritizing people who are homeless for available subsidized housing. Many good questions and concerns are being raised, including by members of the Coalition, and by Seattle’s Mayor.  Join us for an important opportunity to learn about and discuss this proposal at our September 18 General Membership meeting.  We expect the conversation to continue at our October meetings, too. We will welcome staff from SHA who will present the proposal in detail, and answer questions.  We anticipate a robust and respectful discussion.  Please prepare for this conversation by reading the Seattle Housing Authority’s proposal, their Frequently Asked Questions about Stepping Forward guide, and the Tenant’s Union’s factsheet. And please talk with your colleagues and the people you serve about SHA’s past, present, and future role in our community’s response to homelessness and the affordable housing crisis. Additionally, SHA invites your comments, concerns, and feedback on this proposal via steppingforward@seattlehousing.org or at a public meeting (schedule below). Date & Time Location Sept. 16, 6 p.m. Meadowbrook Comm. Cntr., 10517 – 35th Ave NE Sept. 17, 6 p.m. Yesler Community Cntr., 917 E Yesler Way Sept. 22, 6 p.m. Rainier Community Cntr., 4600 38th Ave S Sept. 23, 6 p.m. NewHolly Gathering Hall, 7054 – 32nd Ave S Sept. 29, 6 p.m. High Point Comm. Cntr., 6920 34th Ave SW And remember, there’s no better place to gather accurate and timely information and take part in deep discussion than at our General Membership Meetings. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Thursday the …

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Recap: Coalition’s General Membership Meeting — August 21, 2014

At last week’s General Membership meeting, Heather Barr (aka Everyone’s Favorite Public Health Nurse) with Health Care for the Homeless led us in a presentation and training to quickly, safely, and calmly recognize and respond to health emergencies at work. With lots of information and a relatively brief amount of time to share it, she graciously provided her PowerPoint (with links to videos!) to us for distribution.  Heather also gave us an easy and helpful homework assignment: watch these 5 videos related to responding to common medical emergencies. Each will reinforce what we learned and also help you to visually identify different types of emergencies. And here they are: Everyday First Aid- Seizure ( 2 min) Recovery Position (1.5 min) Stroke (2 min) Diabetic Emergency (< 2 min) Drug Overdose (10 min) Here’s the link to download her entire presentation: Medical Emergency Recognizing and Responding to Medical Emergencies in Settings. Join us next month for a special Coalition discussion of the Seattle Housing Authority’s rent change proposal at the General Membership Meeting. Mark your calendars – September 18 from 9-11 a.m. at the E. Cherry YWCA (2820 E. Cherry Street, Seattle, WA 98144).