Recap: SAAC June Meeting: VA TriWest Homeless Women Veteran Initiative

Susan Christ joined the Single Adults Advocacy Committee to talk about the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) new program in partnership with TriWest Healthcare Alliance.  This program is a public-private partnership that will connect women Veterans who are homeless or at risk of being homeless with meaningful, stable employment.

Here’s what Susan shared about the program!

In partnership with VA, TriWest Healthcare Alliance identifies employment opportunities by working closely with female Veterans with children to match their interests and skills with employers who value these qualities and recognize that our nation’s Veterans are ideal job candidates. Our benefits advisors will meet any referred veteran in the community or at a partner organization’s facility to obtain necessary referral information and begin services to the veteran.

Through a public/private partnership between the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and TriWest Healthcare Alliance, we can assist female veterans with a variety of services and benefits Services include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance with obtaining military records
  • Connecting eligible veterans with healthcare, housing and compensation or pension benefits
  • Job coaching
  • Placement with partner employers who have committed to supporting the TriWest Homeless Women Veterans Initiative
  • Peer mentor support after job placement to ensure job retention
  • Close coordination with local employers to identify opportunities
  • One-on-one, specialized interaction with female Veterans to assess skills and employment goals
  • Continued services by VA including housing assistance and healthcare

Referral Information:

View the referral form, request for release of information and initiative fact sheet. Susan Christ mentioned that you may not have all of the information requested on the referral form, but it is fine to just fill in what information you do have and make the referral, they can fill in the blanks as they work with the veterans. Also, the release of information form can be obtained from the veteran by our benefits advisors at their first meeting with the veteran, so it is not absolutely necessary that this form is complete when the referral is made. If emailing referrals, please only include the referred individual’s first name and last initial.


You can direct emails and referral forms to: