Mindfulness in Real Life: Skills for Working with Clients in the Field

Shayla Collins shares mindfulness practices that can be woven into a daily routine as opposed to added to it. This is Mindfulness is Real Life. How one connects with their mindfulness is personal and it should be customized to fit their needs. These accessible practices and accompanying coping strategies can be used to support your overall well being as well as that of the individuals and families you engage with.

Mindfulness can help us to build resilience and compassion for ourselves and others. Homelessness and housing service providers show up every day to help care for and support your clients and colleagues. This essential work helps keep people healthy and safe. Learn skills that will help you build resilience and explore ways to care for yourself. 

Shayla led us in a great discussion about what mindfulness can offer ourselves and the folks we work with in the context of not having adequate housing resources. She offered four different mindfulness activities:

  • Comforting Touch/Rollercoaster Breath: a tactile approach that helps people reconnect with their bodies and the physical space.

  • Just Like Me: a reflective written activity that helps us reframe negative experiences grounded in compassion for ourselves and others.

  • Three (Four) P’s: this practice (practice is the 4th P!), helps us become present in the moment and pause before we react to any given situation.

  • Peace & Kindness: encourages us to connect with our common humanity.

Learn About Shayla
Shayla Collins designs and leads mindfulness and compassion programs in the greater Seattle area. She facilitates sessions for parents of children with disabilities or special healthcare needs, providers working with children, youth and families as well as individuals who have interfaced with the criminal justice system. Shayla is a devoted wife & a mother of two young Boys. She enjoys reading, eating delicious vegetarian cuisine and antique shopping.