March 17th General Membership Meeting & 2 Years of Living and Working Through a Pandemic

WA State Legislative Highlights & Appreciation!

A big THANK YOU to Representative Strom Peterson (LD21), primary sponsor of HB 2075, and all the Coalition members and allies who worked to help ensure DSHS offices will remain open and accessible to all including in future states of emergency! E2SHB 2075, a bill that will set minimum service standards for DSHS passed!

Video of legislative testimony on bill 2075 from Coalition staff and members

The final state capital budgets include great investments for housing & homeless services, support for frontline workers, and for people living on extremely low incomes, including:
$45 million for rental assistance, $45 million for services to help transition people experiencing unsheltered homelessness into affordable housing, $55 million in stipends for frontline homeless service workers,
$15 million for homeless youth facilities, $2 million for pre-eviction legal aid, and a permanent increase in the Aged, Blind, and Disabled Cash Assistance program from $197 a month to $417 a month!  

Marking 2 Years of Living & Working Through a Pandemic

KC Jobs & Housing Program

We were joined by Nancy Yamamoto & Sasha Gourevitch and learned about new employment and housing opportunities through the King County Jobs & Housing program: good-paying jobs that can help folks get paid work experience, training, help with housing, and a foot in the door for regular employment. Check out their FAQ.

Voting Rights & Restoration Coalition

April 7, 2022 marks one year since Washington restored the freedom to vote to more than 20,000 Washingtonians with past convictions! In a time when some states are trying to silence the voices of its citizens, it is more important than ever to appreciate this historic win. We invite you to join Free the Vote! Celebrating Voting Rights Restoration in WA on April 7th @ 6 pm PT. This will be a joyful time for directly-impacted voters to share stories, educate the community about the new law, and celebrate with each other! We will also hear from a special guest, Representative Tarra Simmons, who was the prime sponsor of this legislation.

Free The Vote WA’s Credible Messenger Fellowship Application is open!

On January 1, 2022, people living in WA that have experienced incarceration became eligible to vote as soon as they are released from prison.  This effort was a culmination of years of work led by people impacted by the criminal legal system and accomplices in the community who fought to undo a 100+ year old unjust law with roots in racism.

It’s Time To Get The Word Out

We are recruiting for people that have experienced incarceration that would like to get paid for sharing with their communities about their restored right to vote and helping them register.  Free The Vote WA’s Credible Messenger is a unique program is designed with the intent to build and channel the leadership, power, and abilities of people that have experienced incarceration.  Each Fellow will be placed in a host organization that will support their work and provide mentoring. If you have been directly impacted by the criminal legal system and interested, you can Learn More and Apply HERE.

Who is Eligible? Anyone that is 16 or older that has been or is currently impacted by incarceration.  We will be recruiting for 1 lead fellow and 9 community fellows. 

Compensation and Hours:
This fellowship is a contract position with the host organization.  Each fellow will be given a stipend of $1,500 for approximately 75 hours of training + work beginning in June and ending in November.  This comes out to $20/hour and will be disbursed in 3 payments of $500.  (Note: the hours and disbursement may look different for fellows behind bars.)  The lead organizer position will be paid $4,000 for approximately 160 hours of work, which comes out to $25/hour.

Application Deadline:  We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis until April 18th.

Host Application

As a host organization you will help your fellow(s) create an outreach plan, support them in getting their hours by providing them with GOTV projects, offering mentoring throughout the length of the 5-month fellowship, and be responsible for paying them.  There is limited grant funding available to participating hosts of $750 for each Fellow you support. Interested in being a host organization? Learn More and Apply HERE

Member Announcements:

  • Job Announcements:
    • Immanuel Community Services is hiring also! Job postings on web page:
  • Catholic Community Services and Highline College are partnering to provide a college scholarship opportunity for the Housing & Shelter Facility Operations Certificate.
    • Students who complete this certificate will be supported with job placement in janitorial and maintenance positions in our organizations.
    • Students don’t need to have a high school diploma or college experience. 
    • College navigators will guide new students through the college process and systems and help with student resources.  There are built-in teacher and academic supports to foster students’ college success. 
    • College credits earned can be applied to Highline’s two and four-year degrees.  Classes can be accessed on campus or online and flexible scheduling can be discussed with Highline instructors.
    • We are recruiting for students now! Scholarships are available.  This is a great opportunity for staff or clients who are interested in starting a college journey in a nurturing, supportive environment. Please encourage staff and clients to fill out this interest form