Amazing Voter Registration Wrap-up and on to Transportation Prop. 1 Phone Banks

Wow, what an amazing experience it was being able to jump into my internship with Voter Registration!  As of today our count for homeless and unstably housed new and updated registered voters is 176, and the numbers are still coming in from our dedicated member organizations!  So far we have surpassed our numbers from last year by over 60 voters and I want to give a shout-out to our hard working volunteers and our fantastic sites.  Getting to meet so many people who are doing great work in our community as well as community members who are speaking up by registering to vote was a great way for me to get a feel of what the Coalition is all about.

Members of Camp Unity were very thankful that we let people know that You Don’t Need A House To Vote. At the Urban Rest Stop I spoke to an individual who did not know his right to vote would be restored after he finished his time under Department of Corrections (DOC) supervision and was enthusiastic to spread the word. At Real Change many vendors were glad to update registrations and register for the first time while picking up their newspapers.  Over 84 people registered at various Compass Housing Alliance programs including the Hygiene Center, CSO, Pioneer Square Men’s Program, and Peter’s place.  We also worked with Community Lunch on Capitol Hill, Nickelsville, Tent City 3, Recovery Café, Aloha Inn, YouthCare and more during our registration drive!  On Monday, the registration deadline, one of our volunteers from DESC Connections let me know that many people she talked with about registering had already registered at Real Change or another site showing that we have reached many community members.  While the registration deadline for the November 4th election has come and gone, it is never too late to register to vote to be prepared for the future!

Up next:  Transportation Proposition 1 Phone Banks and Vote on November 4th! 

With updated voter registration status now YOU can take action and Say YES to Seattle Transit!  Together we can pass this proposition in Seattle that would Restore some routes, Add Busses to chronically overcrowded routes, and Increase Frequency of heavily traveled routes.  Further, money will be set aside by the city to make it easy for eligible residents to utilize Metro’s new Low Income Fare ($1.50) starting on March 1, 2015.

Phone Bank with the Coalition to Spread the Word!

  • We will be holding two phone banks and need volunteers to call the community to let them know about Proposition 1.  There are two Wednesdays to fill with volunteers.  Pizza will be provided for dinner and together we can Get Out The Vote for Seattle Buses!  Please let Hillary know if you can join on one or both dates ASAP at

Wednesday October 15th: 5:30-8pm, pizza included

  • Location: OneAmerica Office: 1225 S. Weller St. Suite 430 Seattle, WA 98144 (located in the international district by Rainier Ave S. and S Dearborn St, close to where I-5 and I-90 meet)

Wednesday October 22nd: 5:30-8pm, pizza included

  • OneAmerica Office: 1225 S. Weller St. Suite 430 Seattle, WA 98144 (same location)