Voter Registration & Voting Rights Trainings

A recording of one of our July 2021 Voter Registration & Voting Rights Trainings.

Event Summary

The Coalition on Homelessness is invested in ensuring every eligible voter knows their voting rights and has the resources they need to vote, regardless of housing status or history with the criminal legal system. Many people experiencing homelessness and people impacted by the criminal legal system are eligible to vote in Washington.

This training is for direct service providers or dedicated volunteers at housing and homelessness service sites interested in incorporating voter registration work into the services they offer. We discuss who is eligible in 2021, who will become eligible once our voting rights change in 2022, dates and deadlines for the upcoming August 3rd Primary Election and November 2nd General Election, as well as specific tips for helping people experiencing homelessness register to vote. Please take this voter registration planning survey to let us know what your needs are and how we can support you.

Resources Referenced – Click here to view a copy of the slides from this training

How to register to vote

There are three ways to register to vote in Washington:

  • Online:
    • Notes: Requires a current Washington Driver’s License or ID.
    • Deadline: 8 days before the election.

  • Mail: Fill out a voter registration form and mail it to the voter’s local county elections office.
    • Notes: Does not require ID or license, but can use last 4 of social security number.
    • Deadline: must be received by elections office by 5 p.m. on Monday 7/26 for the August 3rd Primary or Monday 10/25 for the November 2nd General Election.

  • In-Person at a Vote Center (which open the weekend before the election) or the King County Elections office in Renton.
    • Notes: Does not require ID or license, but can use last 4 of social security number.
    • Deadline: 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Tips for filling out a voter registration form if you don’t have a residential address:

Residential address and mailing address are required when you fill out a voter registration form. However, you do not need a house to be a voter!

  • Residential Address: Fill out the place where you spend the most time. This can be the address of a park or shelter. It can also be the location of a vehicle that one lives in or an intersection or cross street. Make sure that it is identifiable on a map and fill out city, state, and zip code.
  • Mailing Address: This is where people will receive their ballot. This can be a community mail program, shelter, or the address of a friend or relative.

Ordering voter registration forms

Visit the Secretary of State website to get request paper voter registration forms. If registering by mail, these forms must be sent to your county elections office and require a first-class postage stamp.

  • Request forms by mail: Click here to request up to 250 voter registration forms. You can request forms in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
  • Print voter registration forms: Click here to print voter registration forms. These digital copies are available in many different languages.

King County Elections resources

  • King County Elections Calendar: for information about dates and deadlines.
  • Vote Center Information: This is published 30 days before each election. While it is currently not published, please see our slides for locations and hours.
  • Call King County Elections at 206-296-VOTE (8683)

Other helpful resources